Nov 21, 2011

Matt Gets His Port Out

Disclaimer here- there is a video. The video is a SURGICAL PROCEDURE. There is blood (not a lot), and an incision (a small one), and sutures.... Fair warning not to watch if your little tummy can't handle it.

I'm about a month & a half late on writing this, but I have good reason. Matt had the video downloaded onto his puter (short for computer but pronounced pooter), but I could NOT find it for the life of me. I searched high & low in all the files & hidden files & top secret files & everywhere, but I couldn't find it. So finally, two days ago, he uploaded it to the internet, or interweb as we like to call it, so I could then download it to my puter, since he hogs his nice one, & then upload it to this here blog. Phew! The things I do to keep you people updated about us. Hahaha.

He had his port removed on October 5- YAY! It was an exciting day. One year and twelve days after his diagnosis, and five days short of a year from his surgery to remove the tumor. It was kind of a big day for us :) He worked until about 3:30, and then we went to a vascular surgeon's office to have it removed. And then Matt got a big huge burger from McDonald's, because he thinks that cures all things. He's such a trooper, though. I can't say enough how amazed/impressed/in awe I am at his strength & awesomeness through all of this. He is pretty amazing, you know?

So here's the promised video- like I said before, watch at your own risk :) It's really not that bad, I just don't want to be responsible for someone passing out at their puter. Probably you'll be laughing at the commentary throughout, as it is pretty lame. And you'll be mildly interested in the actual procedure. Or vice versa, whatever you want. Oh yeah, and grab your popcorn, it's 10 minutes long.

Do you people know that a 10 minute video takes like more than an hour to upload to the interweb? Ridiculous. And you're welcome.