Aug 24, 2011

Time for an Update

It's been awhile. I feel like not too much has changed. I've been spending my time calling a thousand seven hundred and eighty-two companies to change our address, and then call them all back about a week later to change our bank account with them. It's amazing how many customer service people make assumptions when a customer calls. I spoke with some rude, some too quiet to really hear, some friendly, some overly friendly, and some just plain obnoxious. But, I think my phone calls are finished.

Matt has been on the new job for a few weeks now, and it's going as well as a new job can. He's really enjoying his co-workers, and I'm enjoying meeting them, too. I have been waiting the entire time we've been here (which feels like much longer than it actually has been) for my nursing license to be transferred from Oklahoma to Indiana. And I'm proud to say... I received it yesterday! So today my time, except for now of course, is full of filling out applications for a job. I've really enjoyed most of my time off, but I've also come to truly appreciate the friendships a job offers. It's been hard not to have people to talk to a few days a week... all this to say, I miss you, McBride. 

Pride has been getting a bit restless in the apartment (see pic below). So I found a nice park for walking him, and it's solved the problem quite nicely! The park has a trail that goes forever and ever. We usually spend about an hour walking, and then head home smelling a little like fish from the river the trail follows. Pride loves it. Also, he loves pooping in the river.... ew! 

We have found a church that we love! It's called Michiana Covenant Presbyterian Church. Here's the link: The people have been so welcoming- more than we ever imagined. We haven't actually heard the pastor speak yet, but there are a few sermons on the website. We're really excited about getting involved in this community. 

We're getting close to owning a home! September 9 couldn't come any slower... We followed the inspector around a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to grab a few indoor pictures to share. I didn't get a picture of it...not sure why not...but there is a big "family room" downstairs with a pool table!  

Entry Way (sorry for the blur here)

Dining Room & Outdoor Deck

Master Bedroom (has master bath, which is unusual for the age of the home)

Part of the Kitchen

Anyhow, hope all my faithful readers enjoy the partial home tour :) I'm excited to post before & after photos when we're moving in. 

Quick update on Matt: we met the new oncologist & I'm a huge fan! Matt is a bit skeptical, but more on that later... Next CT scan is September 7, and then we will see Dr. Ansari on September 13 for the results. Please pray. We NEED to see a normal lymph node at this appointment. If it's not normal, then it's another (big & bad) surgery for Matt in the future. 

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  1. B-rit!! I love your blog and I am so excited to read it!! I will be your faithful motivate me to keep mine up to date! Thanks for the facebook message today, it was good to hear from you! Miss you!!